What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, also known as a 'e-cigarette', is a device which is designed to mimic a paper and tobacco cigarette. It's power supply comes from a rechargeable battery. E-cigarette designs range from copying tobacco cigarettes to ones resembling something from science-fiction! It can also come in several different tastes, such as plain old nicotine and sweet flavours. They can be used multiple times, while disposable electronic cigarettes can be used until the liquid inside is used up, so they are cheaper and last longer than tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarette users have called it 'vaping' rather than smoking.

How does it work?

howecigsworkCertain brands of e-cigarettes can be turned on either by inhaling, like a normal cigarette, or pressing a button. Electronic cigarettes contain a liquid nicotine, known as 'e-liquid', which is heated up inside of the device and vaporized, creating a water vapour resembling cigarette smoke. The electronic cigarette consists of a battery, which is the largest part of the device, the atomizer and a coil which is heated up by the battery, this then travels up to a wick and heats the liquid.

What are the health implications of this?

Electronic cigarettes are considered healthier than regular cigarettes and cigars as it does not contain tobacco or produce smoke. The tobacco in regular cigarettes contain harmful chemicals, such as tar, which can cause diseases such as lung cancer to smokers and even people who are passively inhaling the smoke. This means that 'vapers' do not have to worry about damaging their lungs with tobacco and smoke. 

However it has been argued that these 'digital' cigarettes glamorise smoking and contributes to nicotine addiction. Another concern is that children will be enticed by the different designs and flavours, introducing them to smoking culture. Research is currently taking place to discover if there are any negative side effects to electronic cigarettes. 

The electronic cigarette is often marketed towards smokers. In one television advert that was shown in the United Kingdom it is suggested that people who smoke regular cigarettes miss out on important events, while those who smoke e-cigarettes can smoke wherever they like and not miss a thing. As the smoke which comes out of the device is water vapour this means that others cannot be affected by passive smoking.

Smokers who want to quit smoking can use electronic cigarettes to curb their cravings, using it in the same way as nicotine patches are used, with the familiar, comforting shape and use of a tobacco cigarette.

Finding the Best Electronic Cigarette

ecigarettesBecause people are now more health conscious, the amount of people who quit smoking is getting higher day by day. It is because of E-cigarettes. You might have heard from a lot of sources that this smoking device helps a lot of people to quit smoking. If you are really decided to buy one for yourself, get yourself the "best" e-cigarette available.

Where to Find the Best Electronic Cigarette?

For starters, you might want to do a basic research first. You can go to some e-cigar review sites first before you buy this device to make sure that you will only get the best-valued electronic cigars. There are plenty of places to look for e-cigarettes. Since it is now trending among people who wants to quit smoking and for people who wants to smoke "safely", you can find them at your local shops nearby but if you are looking for more options, online stores is still the best way.

What Features to Look For?

Electronic cigarettes are powered devices. Therefore, you need to know these features. There are e-cigars that are battery-operated (rechargeable batteries) and there are also that can be charged through USB. E-cigars always come with a "kit". Online shops have different sets of kits which consist of, the device it self, flavors, charger and batteries. If you are a first time buyer and just want to try, it is recommended to buy the starter kit first which is the cheapest kit available.

E-Cigarette Review Sites? What are they for?

Before buying online, you should look for e-cigarette review sites. Why? Because not all online shops sell the "best" and "quality" e-cigarettes. There are bad qualities that will just make you feel frustrated. Some people are having troubles because the product is malfunctioning (not working the way it should be or problems with charging). You should always check the reputation of an online store before you buy to make sure that you will only get the best. No amount of time and money will be wasted when you check e-review sites first!

In addition to e-cigars, you should also be familiar with different flavors (the liquid used for e-cigarettes). What's good about these liquids is it can mimic the "taste" and quality of many traditional cigarettes. Better check it for yourself to see which liquids is the best for you!

Our cigarette reviews does not only recommend which store to buy. With the help of our site, you can find the best electronic cigarette brands available!

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